What do you grow on your farm? 

On our farm we raise potatoes, spinach, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, onions, beets, winter squash, green beans, cucumbers, cabbage, sugar snap peas, strawberries and a few other vegetables. We also raise grass-fed beef and hay. 


Are you a certified organic farm? 

Yes. Our farm is certified organic through the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Additionally, the fruits and vegetables from our farm are grown in a manner consistent with our belief that healthy food comes from healthy soils. Therefore, we do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers on our fields.  


Is everything in the box certified organic? 

Everything in the box is certified organic unless otherwise noted. 


Do you sell produce at your farm? 

Presently, we do not have a retail outlet on our farm. We have chosen to focus our efforts on home delivery. 


What do you deliver in the winter months? 

Our focus is always local first. When local produce is unavailable we purchase certified organic produce from trusted suppliers. 


How can I know what is being delivered in advance of my delivery day? 

Thursday afternoon we update the boxes menus on our website with new menus for the coming week. Please note, however, that menu items are subject to change due to quantity or quality issues. 


Can I substitute certain items in the box with something else? 

Yes. We allow substitutions to be made for every box except the Essentials Tier of boxes. There is, however, a $1.00 fee for each item substituted. We also offer extra items for sale that you can add to compliment your delivery. 


Is there tax? 

With the exception of some of our non-food products (like soaps, where it is noted that the item is taxable) there is no additional tax. The price listed on your bill is the total price. 


Is there a delivery fee? 

All deliveries over $20 are free delivery. There is no delivery fee if your order includes one of our standard boxes of produce. The cost of delivery is included in the price of each box. Orders under $20 will incur an additional $3.50 delivery fee. 


How much do boxes weigh? 

The boxes are not based on weight, but on the retail value of the items on the menu that particular week. 


Can I have a standing order? 

Yes. Most of our customers find a box that works for their household and set up a weekly or every-other-week delivery. Please feel free to shop, email, or call with add-ons. 


What is the best way for me to contact you with a new order or an order change? 

Whichever of the following ways is most convenient for you: 

  1. Manage your order through your account dashboard.
  2. Email us through our website 
  3. Contact us by phone: 360-652-Good (4663)


When do you need to receive an order or changes to an existing order? 

For Produce and general Grocery orders:

Tue. & Wed. customers: no later than 8:00 a.m. on the Monday before your delivery. 

Thu. customers: no later than 8:00 a.m. on the Tuesday before your delivery. 

Fri. customers: no later than 8:00 a.m. on the Wednesday before your delivery.  

Sat. customers: no later than 8:00 a.m. on the Thursday before your delivery. 


For Coffee orders:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday customers: Orders are due by 8:00 a.m. the Friday before your delivery day. 

Friday and Saturday customers: Orders are due by 8:00 a.m. the Wednesday before your delivery day. 


What do I do if I forget to leave out my box? 

Just save your box for your next delivery day. 


Can I pay once a month? 

You may pay for the month in advance. Please call the office to make payment arrangements. 


Will you send me a bill? 

A packing invoice is included with each delivery. Keep in mind that payment is due before delivery, so this slip will reflect that payment on it. You may contact the office Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., to request a statement of your account—or you can view both your order history and payments from your Klesick’s account dashboard. 


How do I pay for my order? 

Klesick’s requires that customers provide payment before each delivery. If payment is not received on or before your next scheduled delivery, service may be suspended until payment is successfully processed or other payment arrangements are made. 

Klesick’s currently accepts the following methods of payment: 

  1. Direct charge of a debit/credit card
  2. Bill pay through your banking institution
  3. Prepayment


1. Debit/Credit Card

Customers that choose to pay by debit/credit card will be asked to file the following information: 

  • Card type 
  • Card number 
  • Expiration date 
  • Name on card 
  • Billing zip code 

For your security and assurance, Klesick’s meets the Visa/MasterCard Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) Standard. 

Debit/credit cards are processed the business day before delivery. At that time, your card will be charged the full balance due on your account. 

In the event that debit/credit charges are declined when payment is due, service may be suspended until payment is successfully processed or other payment arrangements are made. 


2. Bill Pay through Your Banking Institution

Klesick’s accepts payments received through Bill Pay services. Checks processed through bill pay services can be mailed to the following address: 


Klesick’s A Box Of Good Food 

8504 Cedarhome Dr. 

Stanwood, WA 98292 


Please make checks payable to: Klesick’s. Please include your customer number in the memo section (the customer number is the 8 character code found on your invoice (for example, KLES4663). 

Klesick’s requires that customers provide payment before each delivery. If payment is not received on or before your next scheduled delivery, service may be suspended until payment is successfully processed or other payment arrangements are made. 

3. Prepayment

Customers wishing to prepay for produce deliveries may either make a payment through their account online or by contacting the office at 360.652.GOOD (4663) to set up a payment/delivery schedule. 


What are your delivery areas and delivery days? 

Check out our delivery map on our homepage for a detailed look at our delivery areas.