Flour, Edison, Whole Grain – 5lb Bag


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Grown organically in Skagit Valley, but not certified. Great flour for baking artisan breads, baguettes, pie dough, pastries, galettes, cookies, and sweet doughs.


Mild, a bit nutty and sweet. Hard white spring wheats are sweeter than flours milled from hard red wheat like, Skagit 1109 or Organic Expresso.


Buttery, mild fragrance, hint of sweetness, nutty, corn finish


Open, tender crumb

Baking Properties

Appealing crust color and contrast, oven spring, chewy crust

Flour Specs:

Protein: 11.0-12.5%
Ash: .75-.90
Moisture: 11 – 12%
Falling number: 340 to 380